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Camp Indecon building independence and confidence

WELCOME to the web site for Camp Indecon, the only summer camp founded to teach fbs create account children and adolescents the value — and method — of thinking for oneself.  

Eight years? experience, teaching Montessori-based curriculum, has proven successful in teaching Indecon campers the skills of independent thinking. Increased self-confidence is the natural outcome as they recognize that they are capable of creating their own life plans.

Camp Indecon believes learning is fun. Along with the exciting discovery of learning how to think for themselves, campers spend the day filled with recreational activities selected to also increase the campers self-confidence.

Use the menu at left to explore our curriculum and philosophy, and to obtain information about registering your own children. We have five groups of campers divided by age.

Tweens: 9 and 10 years of age
11 and 12 years of age
Adolescents: 13 and 14years of age
15 and 16 years of age
Young Adults: 17 years of age (limited to 10 campers)

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