The purpose of Camp Indecon is to instill confidence and independence in children and young adults. We accomplish this goal through a varied curriculum of instruction, confidence building, and recreation.

"Outdoor Curriculum Sessions"


Our educational staff leads campers through discussions of the following topics, each presented in a manner suited to the age groups of 
9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17.

Nature's Rules - How nature governs life. Campers will discover the fact that nature governs life.  They will discover that to live their life they must use their minds in accordance with their nature.

What is Philosophy - Here campers find out what philosophy is and how everyone has one whether they know it or not. This includes informal chats about present-day philosophy and how that philosophy, along with religion and politics, impacts their life.

Free Will - The need to think independently and assume responsibility for one's actions.

Life Planning - The need for both short- and long-range goals, including a variety of age-appropriate examples.

Financial Literacy - The origin and use of money. We talk about allowances, earnings, gifts, and budget management, including examples and methods for using savings to accomplish long-range goals.


The instruction as described provides an intellectual foundation for healthy self-confidence. In addition, campers participate in a variety of exercises and initiative games designed to develop confidence in their judgment and physical abilities.

Campers will be encouraged to participate in the confidence building activities  which may include:

  • High ropes course 
  • Team Challenge Course
  • Climbing Wall
  • Rappelling
  • Zip Line
  • And much more 

While campers will be carefully encouraged to participate in the above activities, participation will be by personal desire only.

We strive to build self-confidence in a child that is timid and help an average child become exceptional.

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