Hannelore Bugby (St. Louis, Missouri)

Hannelore founded Camp Indecon with the belief that children should formally be taught the logical structure of how to think for themselves and be responsible for the actions that follow. She has created the setting that enables children to leave Camp Indecon knowing that nature requires them to use their minds to achieve happiness exness forex.

Hannelore's professional background is in small business. Camp Indecon is a result of her decision to fill a need expressed by many parents.  


Paul Schifano (St. Louis, Missouri)

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Missouri-Columbia

Paul operates a state-licensed technical school in St. Louis. He also owns several small businesses including a veterinary hospital, pet hotel, pet grooming salon and retail. Currently Paul’s primary focus is buying commercial and residential real estate.

Paul has raised four children that have all received traditional Montessori educations exness brokers.

John Drake (Auburn, Alabama)

Doctoral student in Management Information Systems at Auburn University.  B.S. in Physics.

John's love of philosophy, education, and camping sparked his interest in Camp Indecon.  Since 2000, he has been involved with camp as a webmaster, counselor, and instructor.  He brings his experience working at two other summer camps and years of outdoor adventures to Camp Indecon. Prior to returning to school to work on his PhD, John was an IT developer, consultant, and small business owner.  He has also instructed students in science, math, computers, business, and swimming.

John has two young children.


Aura Pon (Calgary, Alberta) 

Bachelor of Music in Composition from the University of Calgary

Aura is active on the music, military, philosophy and aviation scenes of her native city of Calgary. She performs as an oboist in numerous ensembles and teaches young oboists privately and in clinics, as well as writes and arranges music. When not on stage, Aura maintains a career as a Maritime Surface Officer in the Canadian Naval Reserve. Her passion for philosophy has led her to found several university discussion groups exness legal in india, and her interest in space development and technology drew her to her current job as an Operations Centre Coordinator and Dispatcher for a charter aviation company. She is a proponent for purposeful, creative living and believes that self esteem and thinking for oneself are the most powerful lessons a child can learn.
Joseph Banke, (Calgary, Alberta)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Studies, Queen's University

Always on the lookout for his next adventure, Joseph is a Railway Coordinator of Shipment Planning, a Canadian Naval Reserve officer, and avid traveler.  Joseph's interests range from political philosophy and business to recent progress made in private space ventures.  This is Joseph's first summer at Camp Indecon and he is looking forward to helping develop independence in young minds.


Wayne Anderson - B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies 
Wayne and his wife Julie currently own and operate the Pathfinder Montessori school in Epson, NH

Mark W. Berger – Honors BA in Philosophy/Law & Society
Mark has owned and operated the Weston Montessori school in Toronto, Canada

Marsha F. Enright – MA in Psychology
Marsha founded the Council Oak Montessori School in Chicago, IL

Diana M. Hsieh – BA in Philosophy – Graduate student in Philosophy
Diana frequently lectures and writes on applying abstract philosophic ideas to everyday life

Paul J. Schifano, DVM
Paul is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a business minor. He owns several small businesses as well as a state-licensed technical school. He has raised four sons who have all received traditional Montessori educations.

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